Personalize your retainers, aligners or mouthguards with unique patterns from our Dentagrafix™ portfolio to bring fun, style and a form of self-expression to your orthodontic appliances. Dentagrafix uses FDA compliant, BPA free, decorated, thermoformable plastic sheets to fabricate unique and fun retainers, aligners, mouthguards, and other orthodontic appliances. Dentagrafix products help to improve results by increasing patient compliance. Patients are generally more motivated to wear their retainers, aligners or mouthguards when they have had involvement in creating an appliance that is uniquely their own. By choosing Dentagrafix you are also decreasing the likelihood of lost appliances as they are more easily identifiable when compared to ordinary alternatives. Check out all of the cool patterns at here and be sure to let Dr. Sacks know which pattern you want on your orthodontic appliance! Achieving & Maintaining That Perfect Smile – In Style